Rosemary R. Wood M.A., LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #52648

Rosemary (Rose) maintained a psychotherapy practice at A Safe Place to Heal Counseling in Oakland through 2017. She plans to re-open her practice at 
A Safe Place to Heal Counseling, 1138 Ballena  Blvd., Alameda, around mid-2019. Please contact her at (phone number to be posted).

Rose specializes in counseling:
·      Adult individuals
·      Couples
·      Young adults; and
·      Mid-life and older adults.

Her approach is gentle, respectful, and understanding. She helps her clients feel safe and comfortable. Her motto is “No blame, no shame.”  Here is a little of what Rose believes:

“When you find yourself going through a hard time, or you’re in emotional pain, it doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong, or that anything is wrong with you. It’s probably about your situation, about things that aren’t going well in your life even things you had little control over.  You may be suffering from a buildup of adversity, loss, trauma, or stress that causes you or your relationship to feel overwhelmed.

“Even when things seem too hard, seeking regular support through therapy can make a tangible difference. You can find yourself feeling better, or it may seem a little easier to find your way forward. Although it’s sometimes uncomfortable or scary to delve into your life more deeply in therapy, you might find that you feel less alone,
or that you better understand yourself and your situation. With regular therapeutic support, life may feel smoother and less stressful.”

Rose has experience and training in helping her clients with issues such as:
·      Depression and anxiety.
·      Relationship problems.
·      Problems in partner or marital relationship.
·      Navigating the hopes and challenges of young adulthood.
·      Difficulties at school and work.
·      Pregnancy, childbirth, and becoming a parent.
·      Parenting and family relationships.
·      Impacts of a traumatic event or abuse.
·      Living with a disability, medical condition, or serious illness.
·      Loving someone who suffers from a psychological condition, or addiction.
·      Being a caregiver to someone who’s ill.
·      Impacts of immigration or racial, ethnic, and religious differences.
·      Grief after the death of a loved one.
·      Traumatic loss of someone to sudden death, suicide, or homicide.
·      Impacts of ageing and retirement. Caring for ageing parents.
·      Growing your life philosophy, faith, or spirituality.

Consistent with her “positive psychology” approach, Rose welcomes clients
of all backgrounds, identities, cultures, and beliefs.